On average, we get around 28 holiday days a year–making our time out-of-office incredibly precious. 

With most searches for a dream holiday starting online, first impressions couldn’t be more significant.

Picture this: Your potential guests are scrolling through the endless list of holiday homes in your city. They’re on a mission to find that perfect spot to spend their oh-so-precious holiday allowance and create memories that last a lifetime. If your home doesn't look like it’s the perfect spot, they’ll simply keep on scrolling, moving on to the next listing without a second thought. 


And that’s precisely why you must present your Airbnb in the most eye-catching way possible: With a collection of high-quality photos that capture the essence of your space and ignite the imagination of your could-be guests.

Here are five tips to ensure you achieve just that!

Photo by Taylor Heery

1. Understand Your Target Guests

As you know, your listing isn’t going to be for everyone. So understanding your target guests’ needs and desires will ensure you create images that convince them your spot is the one

Consider them throughout every stage of your photo-taking process. Is your home set up for the solo traveller seeking time away from the daily grind? Or perhaps you’ve created a romantic retreat for two? 

Tailoring your visuals to appeal to your niche will ensure you attract the right guests and increase your chances of a successful booking.

Photo by Fransiskus Filbert Mangundap

2. Set The Scene

The goal is to stand out among your competitors and catch holidaymakers’ attention. Achieving this starts by ensuring your property is neat, clean and organised. 

Tidy up any clutter splayed across your home. Refrain from having stray socks or dirty dishes lying around in your shots. And it goes without saying, but make sure your space is clean, including, floors, surfaces and windows. Show professionalism and set high expectations for your guests.

Now the housekeeping is out of the way–it’s time to unleash your inner set designer and bring your holiday home to life. Add decorative touches like blankets on the sofa, books on the coffee table or games for the kids.

Before you get too excited, don’t forget your target audience. The solo traveller won't appreciate rose petals on the bed quite as much as the couple searching for a romantic retreat. 

Did you know: 82% of buyer’s agents say that set design makes it easier for buyers to visualise a property as their future home? 

Now, apply that statistic to your Airbnb. By staging your home, potential guests will have no trouble imagining themselves spending time with their family, laughing with friends or having a romantic night with their partner–making it a truly irresistible destination.

Photo by Andrea Davis

3. Highlight Your Homes Unique Features

Each room in your home fulfils its unique purpose during your guest's stay. 

And the more high-quality photos you can present, the better. Aim for around 3-4 high-quality photos of each room to tell a story and inspire your guest's imagination. 

After all, you know your home better than anyone. So make sure to show off all of its unique features. Emphasising these will ensure your space stands out and appeals to guests who have that special something in mind. Here are a few examples:

In the kitchen, showcase the array of utensils you have provided for them to whip up delicious meals. Coffee machines, toasters and other conveniences add a touch of luxury to any holiday experience. 

Guests value cosiness and comfort. The bedrooms are where each of them will start and end each day. So take photos of the bed, making it look super cosy, assuring them of a good night’s sleep before they book. 

And if you’re lucky enough for your home to feature some outdoor space such as a balcony, garden or barbecue area–don’t miss the opportunity to show off these special experiences guests can have during their stay. Morning coffee on your sea-view balcony sure sounds nice.

Think back to your target audience. Are they digital nomads looking for a trendy workspace? Or a young family searching for a home away from home? Your guest's preferences will guide you in showcasing the features that matter most to them.

Photo by Andi Steiner

4. Lighting 

It’s no secret that lighting makes all the difference in how a photo turns out. So, don’t ignore it when shooting your home. Here are a few things to consider:

Keep it natural: Take your photos when you have the most bright, natural light throughout your space. Photograph each room at a similar time of day for continuity.

Avoid direct sunlight: Avoid shooting directly at the sun or any other bright light source as it can make your results appear overexposed and washed out. To capture the sun shining through your space, take photos with the light coming from behind you for a softer, more balanced look. 

Golden Hour: That magical time just before sunset that casts a warm, enchanting glow on everything it touches. Take advantage of this to capture some bonus shots of your holiday home and get your guests feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Imagine a celebratory drink on the balcony as the sun sets or reading a novel by the pool.

Photo by Andrea Davis

5. Bring In The Professionals

While lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of photography, it’s no doubt the most technical and challenging. 

That's where the professionals come in. Hiring a professional real estate photographer to shoot your Airbnb is the most effective way to attract more guests and secure consistent bookings.

Professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment to shoot stunning images that showcase your home in its best light. With a keen eye for detail, they’ll capture the essence of your space by utilizing their knowledge of composition, lighting and angles.

This may sound like an additional expense, but the benefits of their high-quality photos just keep on giving. For example, homes featuring professionally edited photos receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot–making it a smart choice for maximising your returns.

And in the vast sea of vacation rentals competing for attention, professional photos will ensure your listing oozes professionalism and care, instantly setting you apart from the rest. Capturing the hearts of potential guests and inspiring them to choose your home for their dream vacation.

Consider booking a professional real estate photographer or reach out to the Beazy team today so you can sit back, relax and watch those bookings roll in!

Photo by Adam Winger

Use these five tips as a checklist for capturing irresistible photos of your Airbnb. You’ll be attracting more guests and filling your booking schedule in no time. Happy Hosting.

And why not make your home multi-purpose for some extra cash in between bookings? Rent your space out for production and earn up to €4000 per day.

The more your offer is seen, the higher your chances of a successful booking–best of luck!