In the super competitive world of real estate, first impressions cannot be overstated. Whether selling your property, listing your space on Beazy, or renting out a holiday home, understanding the significance of quality visuals is crucial to attracting potential buyers and securing a sale.

So, should you hire a professional photographer to capture your space, or would a few iPhone shots do the trick?

Let's explore the differences between professional and amateur photography and take a look at some statistics that’ll make your decision a no-brainer.

Make that first impression count

In our digital age where property listings are mostly viewed online, first impressions are made purely through visuals of the space. High-quality images will create an instant connection with potential buyers, prompting them to explore your listing further.

87% of homebuyers on the internet find images to be among the most useful features of listing websites when looking for new homes.

Professional photographers have the skills, experience, and equipment to capture stunning images that showcase properties in their best light. They’ll capture the essence of your space by utilizing their knowledge of composition, lighting and angles.

On the other hand, an amateur photographer or you and your smartphone (no offence) might lack the expertise and tools to create visually appealing images. Poorly composed photos with dodgy lighting could undermine your property's appeal and potential clients could simply scroll past.

Highlight your Property’s Best Features 

For professional photographers, highlighting your property’s unique selling points is light work–it’s literally what they get paid for.

68% of potential buyers say that great photos made them want to visit the home

They understand how to compose shots that highlight all of the key features of your space, such as spacious rooms, bespoke furniture or unique architecture. By drawing attention to your best features, the photos will captivate potential buyers and drive more intrigue to your space. 

Unfortunately, amateur photographers may not be as skilled at identifying or showcasing your property’s best features. Resulting in important selling points–such as your vintage fireplace or luxury en-suite–being overlooked, missing opportunities to capture attention.

Build Emotional Connection

Not only will a professional capture your property in its best light but they’ll help craft a narrative to elicit emotions.

By meticulously composing and editing their work, they can create an emotional connection between potential buyers and your property. The stories they craft will help buyers imagine themselves in your space, raising their family or shooting their next fashion campaign.

Amateurs could miss the mark when trying to evoke the same emotion. Due to a lack of experience, their images may fail to convey an effective story or lifestyle you wish to associate with your space.

Boost Confidence

High-resolution images, correct exposure, and colour accuracy are all essential factors that contribute to a high-quality photograph. Professionals can deliver these elements consistently, ensuring each image is crisp and accurately represents your property.

With higher-quality photos–potential buyers will be more inclined to trust your listing and the platform, therefore Increasing confidence in the presentation and perceived value.

About 32% of homes with high-quality photographs sell faster than those without visuals. 

Amateur photographers may struggle to achieve the same level of technical quality, resulting in less enticing images for potential buyers. Clients may question the level of effort you’ve invested into the presentation, potentially undermining their confidence in your listing.

Return on Investment

While hiring a professional photographer to shoot your space may seem like an additional expense, the investment can significantly contribute to the success of your sale. 

Listings with high-quality images attract more online views, generate more leads and increase the chances of a successful, more lucrative sale.

The increased attention and potential for faster–more valuable sales outweigh the initial expense by a mile.

Homes featuring professionally edited photos receive 47% higher asking prices per square foot.

Amateur photography might save you money upfront, but it could cost more in the long run. And ultimately reduce your property's value due to poor presentation. 

Please note: This is not a hit piece on amateur photographers–we love creatives of all abilities. But when it comes to shooting your property to maximise its impact online, hiring a professional is simply your best option.

For superior visual impact and a higher return on investment book a professional real estate photographer or talk to our team today!

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