It’s been a hectic few months for the Beazy Team. In addition to launching Beazy Tools and (re)launching the Community, we’ve also been working behind the scenes on improving our Marketplace–location bookings to be exact.

We totally understand the importance of streamlining the booking process and ensuring transparency between location owners and clients

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our two new features that help achieve just that.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

Improved Booking Request Details 

We’ve added two new fields to the booking request form so potential clients can provide detailed shoot information and specify the number of people expected to be on set. 

With access to this information ahead of time, you'll clearly understand each potential booking and hopefully won’t get any nasty surprises on shoot day.

This means no more back and forth to gather essential information. Everything you need to know is on one page to simplify your decision-making process and ensure all requests you accept align with your preferences.

Set a minimum amount of hours for a booking 

As a location owner, you’re the boss.

You can now set a minimum amount of hours for bookings, giving you more control over your availability and establishing clear expectations for potential clients.

Whether you prefer a 3-hour minimum or an entire 8-hour workday, the choice is yours! You define the ideal booking duration that suits you and your space. 

Potential clients can now see your minimum booking requirement on your listing, helping them make informed decisions–without wasting time on negotiations.

These features are just the beginning; we can’t wait to keep rolling out new features across the platform. 

To see what's up next, check out our Product Roadmap.

If you have any questions or need assistance–our support team is always here to help.