We can’t explain how excited we are to announce the official launch of Beazy Tools - Developed by creatives. For creatives.

Our first two features; CRM and Shortlists are designed to simplify your project management, boost your efficiency and make collaboration a breeze.

Let’s get right into how these features will streamline your creative workflow!

CRM: Tailored to Creatives

It’s time to wave goodbye to your scattered contact lists and hello to a secure, centralised solution for managing all of your connections.


Our new CRM feature is tailored specifically to creative professionals like you. 

You can finally collect and manage all of your talent, location and company contact details in one place! And as a premium member, you’ll have access to unlimited contacts, making it the perfect way to nurture and expand your professional network.

Adding detailed information for each contact type is super simple. Input everything from their name, email and phone number to their spoken language and social handles onto the intuitive contact form.

You also have the freedom to personalise each contact with descriptions, photos, notes and tags for next-level organisation. Don’t forget to include their public Beazy profile link (if they have one) so you’re never more than a few clicks away from hiring them!

No more searching through your personal phone or losing that super-important business card.

All of your professional contacts. Organised at last.

CRM feature displayed on mobile

Listas restritas

Forget about those endless tabs and bookmarks that you’re never getting back to. 

With Shortlists, you can now curate lists of favourite talents, locations and equipment in seconds.

See a listing you like? Hit the shortlist icon at the top right of the listing card to create a new list or add to an existing one. Simple as that.

Set the status of each item in your list to make it easier than ever to compare, review and book the best options for your next project. 

And if you need a second opinion, we’ve got you covered - Share your shortlists via Whatsapp, Email or copy the link to share with your team and clients to gather feedback.

That's not all, as a premium member you can seamlessly add your own contacts straight from your CRM.

Whether you’re a photographer searching for models or a videographer scouting the perfect studio, shortlists simplify your decision-making process.

You can close some of those tabs now.

Shortlist feature example
Listas restritas

And that’s a wrap, with these brand-new features, you’ll stay organised, simplify your project management and collaborate effortlessly.

Sign-up now to get access to Beazy tools and streamline your creative workflow! 

While we’re super excited for you to get your hands on the tools, please note that they are still in their early stages. Minor issues may arise. But don’t worry, Our tech team is on the case; Apologies in advance for any hiccups.

For how-to guides visit our FAQ, or reach out to us at support@beazy.co.

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