Setting your talent price will make it light work for potential clients to hire you directly from your profile page and start negotiating in just a few clicks.

So how do you do it? 

Thankfully, we've made it super simple.

Talent profile w/ Rates and hire button
Talent rate and Hire button

To make your rates and that sweet "Hire" button visible on your profile, just log in to your Beazy account to edit/ add your creative talent and indicate you're open to work!

Then set hourly, daily or weekly rates for your services and specify your cancellation policy to ensure a smooth hiring process. 

That's it!

Talent form
Talent form

Once you've set your talent price, potential clients can hit the "Hire" button on your profile to input the project details, including the job description, start/ end date and any special requirements they may have.

When they've finished and hit “Hire now”, you’ll receive a notification to start negotiating a price and terms for the job. Send as many counter-offers as you like until you agree on terms that suit you both!

And just like that, you’re officially hired. (yay)

Booking workflow

No more convoluted back and forth. It’s now easier than ever to get hired and negotiate all from the Beazy platform!

By setting your talent price, you'll not only make it super easy for potential clients to hire you and negotiate your rates, but you'll also open up a world of creative opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? Login to your Beazy account and set your talent price now!